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Kauhajoki Opening hours:

  • Open
  • Mon-Sat 10-18
  • Sun 12-17

Seinäjoki Opening hours:

  • Open
  • Mon-Sat 10-18
  • Sun 12-17

Tampere Opening hours:

  • Open
  • Mon-Sat 10-19
  • Sun 12-17
Exceptions to opening hours due to current situation.

Today's lunch menu

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Soup & Salad

Black salsify- smoked reindeer soup (Lactose & gluten free)

+Salad, organic wheat bread, organic coffee/tea.

8,90 €


Pestolasagna (Lactose free) with self made fresh pesto

+Salad, organic wheat bread, organic coffee/tea.

9,90 €


  • Tomato mozzarella -salad (G)
  • Chicken Caesar -salad (Lactose Free)
  • Tandoor Chicken Salad (Dairy and gluten free)
  • Goat Cheese-melon salad (Low Lactose,Gluten Free)

+organic wheat bread, organic coffee/tea.

Also available as KETO and VEGAN versions.

10,50 €


Valkoinen Puu cakes offer you authentic and straightforward flavours.

Those flavours are inherited from both American and South Ostrobothnian recipes and are created in our Kauhajoki bakery, close to our network of local producers from whom  we acquire most of our ingredients.

Our cakes

Our business began with a love at first sight.

The story of Valkoinen Puu began from the encounter of two creative people when Finnish Kirsi and American Mark met eachother in an international online dating site…

Read our story